Friday, March 1, 2013

be glad that I'm a work in progress...

be glad that I'm a work in progress. The past is gone. I can't fix it or change it, but I can be glad that I'm learning, changing and continuing to progress.

God's not done with me yet! The things I didn't know or didn't pay attention to during my teens, twenties, and so forth caused a lot of grief. "If I had only known then what I know now." Do you ever find yourself saying those words? I used to say them with sadness and regret, but now I think of it differently. It's all been part of my journey through life and the blessing is that I keep trying to learn new things and put into practice better principles for the future. There isn't a "complete" or "finished" button on my ability to keep learning or reshaping who I want to become. I am glad I'm not stuck in who I used to be. God's not done with me yet and I'm glad that He'll keep lighting a new path for me each day.

So, for today I will be glad that I'm a work in progress. I'll be glad that I can constructively use my past successes and failures to help me become stronger or wiser, more caring or kind, more disciplined or responsible, more loving or giving, more forgiving or patient.