Tuesday, August 30, 2011


rest. This is something that is very hard for many of us. Rest! We don't have time to rest - or do we?

Today, I will actually set aside uninterrupted time to quiet my mind and my soul. I will turn the phone off, turn the TV off, turn the computer off, not read a book, not make a grocery list, and not think about what I need to do once rest time is over. I will find a quiet spot and gaze at the sky. I will sit in my favorite chair and close my eyes. I will breathe, I will clear my mind, I will relax my shoulders and ease the tension, I will quiet my nerves, I will listen to my slow and deep breathing - and I will rest!!

So, for today I will rest. I will let God breathe His peace into my soul. I will slow down and think of nothing. I will allow this time to be God's moment to work within me. He will know what I need and during this silence and peace, He will provide for me. I will rest.

Monday, August 29, 2011

know that this too shall pass...

know that this too shall pass. Life seems to be made up of temporary circumstances that change over time. Things don't stand still or stay the same. So we can have hope knowing that this too shall pass.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed, desperate, distraught and hope seems hard to find. We are in the middle of what feels like the worst possible time of our life and we feel lost. We feel like victims, prisoners, caught in a nightmare that will never end. These times are so hard to endure and sometimes even praying is hard to do. But keep in mind one very simple truth - throughout your life things have always continued to change. Life changes. This too shall pass. God hasn't given you more than you can bear or left you alone. And He will not all of a sudden decide to keep you in a perpetual state of unchanging hopelessness. His arms of love will surround you if you let Him. He will take you to the other side. He will protect you through the worst of circumstances. He will bring you into a new day. Hold on to hope. Hold on to your belief in His power. Don't let anyone or anything make you think that life will always be like this. It won't.

Your life is a journey and this pit-stop is not the end of the road. This is not your final destination. So, for today I will know that this too shall pass. I will have 100% confidence that life changes - He will be with me and my life will move beyond this moment. This too shall pass.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

accept the limitations of others...

accept the limitations of others. I know I'm far from perfect, but yet sometimes I want those around me to live up to my idea of who they should be at all times instead of who they are at a given moment.

I don't hold myself to that same standard of ideal, but I somehow expect my family and friends to be unblemished. That's not a very fair attitude is it? Knowing my own imperfections and acknowledging that I'm trying and doing the best I can helps me to remember that those around me are probably doing the same thing. We all have limitations and I think it's better to understand those limits and try to work within them and around them instead of holding an unrealistic expected standard. They will make mistakes or fall short of ideal, just like me. So instead of viewing them negatively, I have decided to work harder at accepting those limitations with compassion and understanding and a little grace. I think if I do that we will all be much more content and at peace.

So, for today I will accept the limitations of others. I will see them with eyes of grace just as I hope they will view me. I will pray that we can find ways to encourage and help each other that are constructive and positive. I will try harder and remember that those around me are doing they best they can.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

turn the cell phone off...

turn the cell phone off when I get home from work. I will instead actively and attentively participate in the life going on inside my home. I will not half listen to my children while I text a friend. I will not listen to my husband's description of his day while checking my facebook updates. If I live alone, I will use the quiet time for peace and relaxation instead of worrying that I'm missing something "big".

Life speeds by. We are, more often than not, giving our partial attention to every detail of our life because we're so focused on what needs to be done next. Our parents and our grandparents seemed to have worked hard, provided for their families, and kept in touch with friends and loved ones without cell phones or the Internet. Why then can't we recapture a few hours to live life instead of going through the motions. Smell the roses...how about even noticing that you have planted roses!

So, for today I will turn off the cell phone (and computer) and I will pay attention - full attention - to the people around me or have quiet reflection to give peace to my heart, soul and mind. I will feel privileged to have those moments of engagement without distraction and I will know that I am blessed.

be content...

be content. The bible says that God wants us to be content in whatever stage of our life we are in. That can be a tough one. Be content in "all" stages? Can't I just pick and chose when things are good enough to be content. Well the answer is NO.

Being content is actually easier than we realize if we just focus on the right things instead of the wrong things. Being content doesn't mean you are super happy with every aspect of your life. But it does mean that you feel joy for the blessings great and small. So, for today be content by focusing on three things that you are thrilled that you do not have to be without today. Maybe it will be your spouse, your job, and the fact that you have food on the table. Maybe you will be content because you have shelter, good health, and a kind friend. Maybe you will be content because you are loved, you are valued and you are irreplaceable in God's eyes.

So, for today I will be content. I will focus on the things that God has blessed me with and my heart will find joy in those blessings. For today I will be content and at peace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pray for marriages...

pray for marriages. We all know someone struggling in their marriage. Maybe you are struggling in your own. Today, let's pray for marriages and the blessing they are intended to be.

The partnership, affection, passion, and resolve of a marriage is a blessing and a huge responsibility and a lot of work sometimes. It requires us to put the other person first, pray more for them than we do for ourselves, and to love them with all your heart not as a separate person but as one with you. It requires us to see and believe God working through that person. It requires having more faith in God than you do in that person because your spouse is flawed and will let you down, but God won't. Honor the blessing and pray.

So, for today I will pray for marriages. I will pray that we all begin to see our spouse through God's eyes instead of our own. That we love with God's heart instead of our own. That we are stronger, more passionate, more caring, more loving, more forgiving, more cooperative, more flexible, more understanding, more kind, more respectful, and more Godly than we have ever been before.

Monday, August 22, 2011

be consistent...

be consistent. Sticking to your plan seems easy enough in theory.

But we all fall off schedule, life interrupts our "plans" and we end up eliminating some things and re-prioritizing others. The challenge for today is to try to be more consistent in whatever it is that haunts you. There is something that you have promised over and over to be more consistent about. There is something that is important to you, but hasn't been important enough yet. Consistency provides so many benefits. When we are consistent, there is structure, there is peace, and there is a sense of expectation and fulfillment. Consistency brings comfort, less stress, less guilt, and more contentment. So figure out what it is that's lacking in your life and don't just talk about being more consistent - do it! Consistency isn't easy, but it's worth it.

So for today, I will be consistent. I will not just fill space with hot air and false promises. I will tackle this issue and strengthen my soul and spirit with resolution provided by God's grace and I will do it! I will walk the walk and reap of benefits that consistency brings.

Friday, August 19, 2011


smile. We've been smiling our whole lives, so don't stop now.

Stop with the excuses to not smile and think about all the reasons to smile! Just do it! There's no rule that says you have to wait for a "reason" to smile. Instead of looking for a reason, why not change your thinking and smile all the time? Lighten your heart, lighten your spirits and lighten your day by getting through it with a smile on your face. Make smiling the norm instead of the exception.

So, for today I will smile. I will wear a goofy grin and be proud. When people say, "what are you smiling about?" I will respond, "everything and nothing." You have a million reasons to smile so stop playing down your blessings. Smiles are infectious, so pass on the virus! For today smile :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

be brave...

be brave. Being brave doesn't mean not having fears. Rather it is your ability to move forward despite your fears.

Today I just want to you move forward. Be brave. You might be anxious, but face the challenges of the unknown with courageous endurance. Summon up the strength through God's grace to endure. Life is one day at a time. I can take on today and make it through. God will walk with me today. I will face with Him whatever comes my way. I won't get ahead of myself and try to face all the "what ifs" of the rest of my life or the rest of the year. I will courageously endure today.

So, for today I will be brave. There are many things that cause me unease, but for today I will be brave and rely on God to strengthen me. I will courageously endure today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

talk to God...

talk to God. Just talk to Him.

Chats with God can be some of the best conversations you will ever have. I'm asking you to speak to Him, out loud and as your best friend. For example, "ok God, I cannot believe what happened to me today and I need your help..." Find a place where you feel comfortable to be open with Him and just start talking. We do so much of our connecting with God in silence that you will be amazed how much flows out of you when you actually speak out loud to Him. As you talk, you'll find that you have much more on your mind than you realized, but also that He'll work with you and in you and you'll start talking yourself through. He will provide you with the insight, comfort, hope, security or love that you're seeking.

So, for today I will talk to God. I will use my voice and not my thoughts to communicate with God. I will connect with Him and make it real.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

be accepting

be accepting. Today is about being kind, patient and generous in spirit to those around you.

We all can be driven crazy by the people we work with and/or live with. Our buttons can be pushed at any moment. But, to have an accepting and open spirit means we go out of our way to show tolerance, compassion, kindness, patience, and grace; we show God's love shining through. Make the extra effort today to take a deep breath, say to yourself - "how would I want to be treated," and then be calm and kind. Improve the mood in you and around you.

So, for today I will be accepting. I will show God's generous patience and love in as many situations as I can.

Monday, August 15, 2011

dance in the rain...

dance in the rain. There's a wonderful saying, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Dance in the rain with joy in your heart and a spirit of optimism. You at least have to try. We get tired and don't always feel like dancing, but "keep dancing!" You don't have to be in perfect rhythm or even on beat at all, but just keep moving. Instead of saying, "Lord please just get me through this day" - say, "God, I'm still dancing. With your help the storm will not stop me. Please help me keep the beat, glide my steps and keep dancing." Everyday that you dance instead of drudge, God will give you what you need. He will lighten your heart.

So, for today I will dance in the rain. Although the storms hit me, I'll keep rejoicing, stay hopeful, and keep dancing. I will hear the vibrant beat of God's melodies and I will dance in the rain knowing that I am protected, I am loved, I am cherished. And I will know that I have the best dance partner in the world!

Friday, August 12, 2011


breathe. "Stop, take a deep breath, refocus....now continue..." Focus on the peace that slowing down and taking a breath really provides.

We move so quickly through the day. So much to do, so little time. But guess what - tomorrow comes and that's more time to do more things. So for today, breathe!! Slow down, calm yourself, take a deep breath and repeat until you feel your spirit become quiet. You'll think better, make better decisions, and feel more fulfilled if you will just breathe. Life is a marathon. The key to running the race to the finish line - breathing!!! Take those deep breaths, slow your pace. Let the calm in, let the peace in, let the hope in, let the comfort in.

So, for today I will breathe. I will quiet my soul and breathe in the peace that God intends for me. Slow, relaxed, deep breaths will mean I have a better day.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

take the bad with the good...

take the bad with the good.

There's an ever growing trend in our society - that everything is disposable. When the going gets tough, the tough get going...right out the door. When things start to get difficult people are running away and there is a lack of real commitment. Marriages and children are getting tossed aside. My heart aches for the lives torn apart because of the absence of faith, hope, love and commitment. Our society is forgetting the value of hard work, especially when that work needs to happen right in your own home, with your own family. So for today I just wanted to remind us all of the promises we've made. Promises founded in love and hope and faith. We chose our relationships and we made promises to love, honor, and protect. So before we decide that our partnership or parenting is disposable, we need to think again. Look to God for strength, resolve and answers. Society and its' twisted morals don't have the answers, but God does. Trust Him and He will fulfill His promises so that you can fulfill yours.

So, for today I will take the bad with the good. Instead of running away, proclaiming life is unfair, or out of exhaustion just giving up - I will turn it over to God. I will allow His promises to strength my promises to others.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

be encouraging...

be encouraging. This is easy to do when you can stop judging and start supporting.

To be encouraging means that you actually have to put your opinions aside. It's a simple change of heart, change of mindset and change of wording. Don't tear down, don't critique, don't moralize and offer you expert advise. Use only positive phrases - no negatives today. Simply say, "If this is something you believe in and it's important to you, I will do my best to be there in any way I can to support you." Then mean it and shut up! Don't qualify your support. Don't add conditions to your encouragement. Just be supportive in word and deed today. You can do that for one day can't you? We all face negativity in endless amounts throughout our lives. Why can't we just give each other some slack today and be encouraging. Build up instead of tearing down.

So, for today I will be encouraging. I will offer support and love not opinions and suggestions. I will leave my attitude to the side and I will be gracious, supportive and kind.

Friday, August 5, 2011

exercise moderation...

exercise moderation. It's Friday. It's the weekend. Time for relaxing, hanging out, to cut loose from daily stress, and many many opportunities to go too far and get into trouble.

God wants us all to have fun. He wants us to have all good things. But He also expects us to be responsible and exercise moderation. If we're honest, we can all have a good time without going too far. If you think that you can't have fun unless your totally obnoxious, loud, drunk and over-the-top, then maybe there's something wrong with your definition of a good time. Maybe it isn't fun that you need. Maybe there's something you are trying to avoid. Or you're trying to fill a void in your life. Instead of getting out of control, try to approach those feelings from a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is having a real conversation with a trusted friend/loved one/pastor to break through the issues and start the progress. God loves you and can fill any gap, any void, any hurt. If you really want to have fun - turn to God.

So, for today I will exercise moderation. I will not use the excuse of "having fun" to validate my indiscreet and irresponsible behavior. I will be surprised that moderation doesn't ruin my fun, but enhances it. I will be thankful that moderation protects me and others from harm. I will have a good time. I will have fun and I will exercise moderation and give thanks that I live to see another day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

let God love me...

let God love me. We all have faults, we are imperfect and sometimes downright terrible. But no matter what God loves us. Many times we try to block that love or we are so discouraged and broken that we don't feel it. But, His love is so amazing. He loves without boundaries at all times. Today, let him love you.

Let Him sing to your soul:

Ever since the world around you shattered, you've been looking everywhere for something more. Sometimes you feel like your life doesn't matter, but it does. I tell you it does.

Yesterday you found your heart was broken. Tomorrow doesn't leave much room for hope.
Today you'll find that my arms are wide open and my heart is full of love.

Give up on all the other things because my love can bring you more, and if you take a chance on me I'll give you what you're looking for.

Come on, let me love you and hold you through the storms.
I will keep you safe and warm.
Come on, let me love you and kiss away your tears.
I will always be here.
Come on, let me love you.
(by Third Day - "Let me love you")

So, for today I will let God love me. I will let God love me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

find inspiration...

find inspiration. It's all around us. Every day, if we look around, we can find inspiration. Many days though we just forget to look.

So what inspires you? Uplifting music, a beautiful sunrise, the smile of your baby's face, that 100 year old tree you pass on the way to work, all of these things. Wherever you draw inspiration from dive in today. Alert your senses and take in all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing sources of inspiration that surround you each and every day. Of all the glories that are in my life, one of the best sources of inspiration I have ever found sits quietly on my nightstand just waiting for my to pick it up - my Bible. With the turn of a few pages, I can always find whatever it is I need in this one wonderful book. Comfort, compassion, encouragement, love, joy - INSPIRATION!! All of my blessings inspire me. Count your blessings and be inspired.

So, for today I will find inspiration. I will see the delights that God has created and find the beauty, hope, and inspiration He intends just for me. And when I'm recognizing all these wonders, I will also realize that the most inspiring part of my life is the love God has for me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

not get ahead of myself...

not get ahead of myself. Looking forward to the "what if" of life can be both exciting and fearful. We often get so wrapped up in the "what's next" part of life that we cause ourselves a lot more problems than needed.

Some people get ahead of themselves in worry. Some people are the opposite. They get carried away in perhaps unrealistic fantasies of the perfection that will come tomorrow...they day dream themselves into a perfect little future world where everything goes as they hope for. In either case, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment. We'll be disappointed that we didn't enjoy the moments we were blessed with. We will have spent all our time fretting or day dreaming and not living. The problem with getting ahead of yourself is that your radar is off. Instead of perceiving things as they are from a clear point of view, you're skewed one way or another. When you're skewed - nothing will measure up. It's better just to take it one day at a time. Cherish what's happening today - now. Just take care of today's worry, and if the day is going well, seize the opportunity to smile and have some joy in your day. Life changes, things change. Haven't we noticed that by now? So just chill. Slow down. Take life as it comes and then do your best.

So, for today I will not get ahead of myself. I will take comfort and joy in the blessings of today. Life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the ride.

Monday, August 1, 2011

pray for the children in my life...

pray for the children in my life. This is a simple, powerful, and much needed practice in today's world.

You can only protect your children so much, love them so much and try to teach them so much. Your powers as a parent, relative, or friend are limited - but God's power knows NO LIMITS. So put His power to work for the children in your life. Pray for them constantly. Pray without ceasing that God provide, guide, protect, and love them throughout every minute of every day. You can't always be there, but He can. Trust Him and count on Him to do for the children in your life all the things you cannot do.

So, for today I will pray for the children in my life. I will place them in God's hands. I will believe and have faith in His powers of love and protection, inspiration and guidance, forgiveness and salvation. And tomorrow, and every day after that, I will pray for the children again.