Monday, March 4, 2013

make it personal...

make it personal. Our relationship with God is supposed to be that - a relationship. He was born, lived on this earth, and died just for us. Just for me. Just for you. Who else has ever died specifically for you and for the sole purpose of giving you a gift - the gift of eternal life? It doesn't get more personal than that.

He's not far off in Heaven. He's not just for Sundays. He's right here, right now. So today, make it personal. Start developing an every day conversation with Him. Start noticing and acknowledging His presence throughout your day. Start feeling Him beside you and with you. He's your Father and wants to do His job - to comfort, protect, teach and love you! Embrace Him. Adore Him. Make Him your priority.

So, for today I will make it personal and remember that no one has and no one ever will love me as much as He does.