Friday, March 22, 2013

adore You...

adore You. The "You" is God. I want us all to adore Him today and I want us to do that by adoring the people we love.

We all know how to be kind and loving to the important people in our lives, but how often do we adore them? Adoration - the act of paying honor, fervent and devoted love, to regard with the utmost esteem. How often to we make them feel like they are the most important person on earth? How often do we let them know that in our eyes the sun rises and sets by them? We cherish and value absolutely everything about that person and we revel in merely being in their presence. That's the way I picture being face to face with God. I will revel in His presence. I will be absolutely awestruck. That's a love that cannot be measured. I adore Him. And I want today to show the adoration I have for Him by adoring the people on this earth that He has blessed me with. The most important thing God wants us to do is to love others as He loves us. So today I will show absolute adoration for the people I love. I will abound in the blessed glory they have brought to my life and I will make sure they know and feel it. So who do you adore? When was the last time you showed them that you're feelings ran so deep? Don't delay any longer. Adore them.

So, for today I will adore You. I will pay honor and respect to You by covering those I love in a blanket of fervent and devoted love.