Thursday, April 21, 2011

imagine what could have been...

imagine what could have been. It's almost Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday when Christ died and rose for us. Have you ever thought about what life would be like if those events never happened?

Life is difficult and there are lots of problems all over the world, but even as bad as we think it may be sometimes - it could have been much much worse. Hopelessness, defeat, pain, frustration, darkness, gloom, hatred, vengeance, despair... that's what I think daily life, every day for eternity would be like without the Glory and Love of Jesus Christ. When I think about that, I rejoice and give thanks for every day that I receive that has joy, grace, forgiveness, peace, light, love and hope! I have a better life here and a better life to come because He gave up His life for me. I'm glad I don't have to live in a world where that hadn't happened, but it's a good reminder to imagine that place so I don't take for granted the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

So, for today I will imagine what the world could have been and thank God that it isn't that place. My hope and help come from the Lord - what a wonderful blessing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sit in the sun...

sit in the sun. Instead of being locked in your office all day, get out into the sunshine! The days fly by. When it's winter, we long for summer. When it's summer, we complain about the heat. Many of us are trapped indoors for most of the day and we don't get to enjoy the season! At some point today, I will sneak the time in and sit in the sunshine. I will gaze up at the sky, let the warmth hit my face, feel the cool breeze and enjoy. Maybe you like to sit out in the morning, maybe you love mid-day heat, or maybe the final glimpses of sunlight at dusk are your favorite. Whichever gives you joy, take advantage of it today and be glad that you've lived another day, that the sun is shining down on you, and that your world is a little brighter. So, for today I will sit in the sun. I will be thankful for the seasons of the year and the seasons of my life. I will be grateful that God blessed me with the light and life that the sun gives and the light and life that the Son gives!

Monday, April 4, 2011

bear good fruit...

bear good fruit. What do I provide to others? How do I treat them and myself? If people were asked to characterize me, what would they say about me? I think we all like to view ourselves in our best light. We tend to whitewash or rationalize the things that we know are our flaws. I think we color our perception of ourselves with a delicate brush because we know that we're trying. So, for today let's try harder and let's focus on the fruit of that labor and make sure it's what it should be. We all have the ability to bear good fruit. Through kind words, compassion to others, reserving judgment, helping out, being a shoulder to cry on and even praying we can bear good fruit and show others what we truly believe in. We can show God's love and our desire to be more like Him through these efforts. With a hopeful heart our fruit may be sweet tasting to another who needed God's love today. So while we go about our day today, let's focus on what kind of fruit we are producing. Let's try our hardest to put our beliefs into practice. So, for today I will bear good fruit. I will make a conscious effort to produce sweet smelling, sweet tasting, bountiful fruits that will nourish those around me with love. My fruits will not be perfect, but they will be my best effort and with God's grace and help they will be appealing and acceptable.