Monday, March 18, 2013

grab the opportunities that come up...

grab the opportunities that come up. Do you wish you had certain things in your life, but then when you have the opportunity to experience them/get them you are too busy or have other plans? Well, start being more spontaneous and flexible and grab those opportunities when they come around.

Do you want to look back over your life regretting all that you have missed out on because you always thought there would be more time? You were positive another opportunity would come around so time after time you said "no" when you should have said "yes." Well now is the time to start saying, "YES!!" Life is short. There isn't always time for everything and we definitely fill our lives with a lot of nothing! So stop it and experience the things that really matter. Don't miss out because you think there will always be a second chance. Nothing is promised. There are no guarantees. You may not even be here tomorrow, so grab it now.

So, for today I will grab the opportunities that come up. I will stop thinking I have more time. I will live each day being more aware of the priceless and precious nature of the little opportunities that come up during my day - and I will grab them with both hands!!