Monday, March 25, 2013

stop bragging...

stop bragging. Have you accomplished a lot in your life? You've got success, money, power, a good marriage, wonderful friends, blossoming and responsible children....and you think you've done it all on your own.

Well, for today stop bragging. You can be proud of yourself, that's not a problem.  We can talk endlessly about how much we've done, how hard it was, and how glad we are that we persevered. But for today I want us all to add some additional words and feelings to those conversations. Try saying (and meaning it) - "with God's help I got that done," "by the grace of God I had the strength to finish that," or "only with God's love and power could that have ever happened." Let's put credit where credit is due.  His grace provides for us so that we can work hard, earn rewards, have great relationships, and overcome obstacles. Can you imagine for one second that you could have done everything in your life to this point without His protection, love, or power? 

So, for today I will stop bragging. I will give credit where credit is due and proclaim that all my victories come with and from His grace. I will brag about God's hard work, His perseverance, His dedication, His love and His strength. And I will be grateful that He bestows all of those things and more on me.