Wednesday, March 13, 2013

stop the drama...

stop the drama. Instead of turning every situation into something more than it is or making it about me. Instead of making myself the center of the universe in every circumstance. For today, I will stop the drama.

I will calm down. I will de-escalate a situation instead of pouring gas on the fire. I will listen to someone else's point of view and keep quiet. I will understand that other people have feelings that are valid and need recognition. I will stop twisting the focus back to me so I can remain the center of attention. I will actually realize that by inventing and continuing drama I am actually driving people away instead of drawing them closer to me. My drama will leave me alone and lonely if I don't break the cycle. If I have exhausted everyone around me and have no one else to turn to, what kind of life will I have. God gave me the gift of these people, I do not want to be ungrateful.

So, for today I will stop the drama. It may be easy - it may be hard, but for today I will change my focus outward. I will stop the drama and focus on what's real. I will realize it's not all about me and I will be blessed and better for it.