Monday, October 10, 2011

do my best...

do my best.

Whatever it is, for today just do your best. Say a prayer and ask God to help you... be the best parent you can be today, be the best husband/wife you can be today, be the best friend you can be today, be the best boss you can be today, be the best listener you can be today, be the best comforter you can be today, be the most kind you can be today, give the most love you can give today....... Pick one or two areas and strive to be the best. Remind yourself throughout the day of your goal. When you feel yourself "not" doing your best, stop, check yourself and your attitude and begin again.

So, for today I will do my best. God will help keep me focused and He will lead my thoughts and deeds. One day at a time, I can do my best and make God proud.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

be thankful for my friends...

be thankful for my friends. Do you have a lot of friends? Are you a social butterfly? Or do you only have a few close friends? Do you consider your family your friends? Or maybe you have one wonderful BFF? Whatever your situation is, be thankful today!

If you have people you love, people you trust, people you can say anything to and know that they will support you, help you, set you right when you're wrong, and will always be there for you - BE THANKFUL!!! Not everyone has such trusted and special relationships. Our relationships in life are precious and unique and need to be cherished.

So for today, I will be thankful for my friends. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for these amazing and uniquely gifted individuals. Through my relationships with each of them, You have given me exactly what I need. Thank you!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


"woo". I like this word "woo." Typically men try to "woo" the woman they are in love with. Women sometimes try to "woo" men.

What if we spent our energy "wooing" God. The definition of "woo" is to seek the favor, affection and love. Now we know that God loves us unconditionally, but we take that for granted - don't we? Instead ignoring His unquestioning love, we could show more respect and gratitude daily by "wooing" Him with our thoughts and actions. One sure fire way to "woo" God is to "woo" all those around you. What can you do to "woo" those around you - your spouse, children, parents, friends, neighbors? If we care about the people around us, shouldn't we want to "seek their favor, affection and love?" Stop taking love for granted and start "wooing"!!

So, for today I will "woo" God and all those around me.