Thursday, March 28, 2013

remember where my blessings come from...

remember where my blessings come from. This should be easy, but we forget so quickly.

We all call upon the Lord in times of trouble. We pray, beg and cry for strength, peace, love and happiness. When God blesses us and guides us through our storms, we so quickly and easily forget about Him. We may say "thank you" once, but then we go along our merry way and live our lives as we want. Somehow He isn't as important as He was when we "needed" Him. His plans and hopes and guidance for us are a little easier to ignore once we've gotten what we want. We promise the world and try very hard to listen to Him and do the right things when we are bargaining....but that falls to the side once He provides. For today, let's try to keep Him on the front burner during the good times and remember that He's blessings are abundant and we may be cutting Him off just when He was about to give us more than we dreamed of.

So, for today I will remember where my blessings come from. I will stop "forgetting" about Him when times are good enough and I will actually strive to acknowledge Him and His ways so that He can abundantly bless me. I will not block future blessings by ignoring Him today.