Tuesday, March 12, 2013

have hope in the midst of chaos...

have hope in the midst of chaos. Whether you're the one being bombarded with difficulties or you know someone who is just going through the ringer, there is still hope.

Having hope in the midst of chaos is just that - not giving up and giving in to the difficulties of the particular moment. When you feel trapped, God will open a door for you. When you are surrounded by darkness, God will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not sell Him short. The world and the devil will always try to pull you down, pull you away from hope. When you think there's nothing to be done, God has an answer. The situation is not hopeless or impossible, He will provide a way if you focus on Him. Keep your hope. Believe in God's ability and His power.

So, for today I will have hope in the midst of chaos. I will acknowledge that things are tough, but I also know that God has the answers. I will pray with the knowledge and expectation that God is and will be there with me through all my trials and I will have hope.