Tuesday, March 26, 2013

shake it off...

shake it off. When things go wrong one of my favorite sayings is, "shake it off, rub some dirt on it!"

We get bumped and bruised, we stumble, we fall...sometimes we even run straight into walls. The best thing we can do for ourselves when this happens is to "shake it off." You do have the option of wallowing in your downfall. You can waste time wishing it hadn't happened, wondering what you could have down to control the world so that it wouldn't have happened, or you can "shake it off" and start again. You need to remember that each moment you're here is another chance, another opportunity, another new gift from God for you to keep moving forward. So where do you want to be? Stuck in the past, stuck in the "what ifs" or shaking off the dust and moving on with your life. Today choose the latter and have a new perspective focused on the blessings of the next new moment.

So, for today I will shake it off! I'll rub some dirt on it and keep rolling. I will remember to try, try, try again. I will be excited that while I'm here I get to have a new moment, a new opportunity with undiscovered possibilities. For today, instead of drowning in the mistakes, bumps and bruises of what has been, I will shake it off and look forward to what comes next.