Tuesday, August 30, 2011


rest. This is something that is very hard for many of us. Rest! We don't have time to rest - or do we?

Today, I will actually set aside uninterrupted time to quiet my mind and my soul. I will turn the phone off, turn the TV off, turn the computer off, not read a book, not make a grocery list, and not think about what I need to do once rest time is over. I will find a quiet spot and gaze at the sky. I will sit in my favorite chair and close my eyes. I will breathe, I will clear my mind, I will relax my shoulders and ease the tension, I will quiet my nerves, I will listen to my slow and deep breathing - and I will rest!!

So, for today I will rest. I will let God breathe His peace into my soul. I will slow down and think of nothing. I will allow this time to be God's moment to work within me. He will know what I need and during this silence and peace, He will provide for me. I will rest.