Monday, August 22, 2011

be consistent...

be consistent. Sticking to your plan seems easy enough in theory.

But we all fall off schedule, life interrupts our "plans" and we end up eliminating some things and re-prioritizing others. The challenge for today is to try to be more consistent in whatever it is that haunts you. There is something that you have promised over and over to be more consistent about. There is something that is important to you, but hasn't been important enough yet. Consistency provides so many benefits. When we are consistent, there is structure, there is peace, and there is a sense of expectation and fulfillment. Consistency brings comfort, less stress, less guilt, and more contentment. So figure out what it is that's lacking in your life and don't just talk about being more consistent - do it! Consistency isn't easy, but it's worth it.

So for today, I will be consistent. I will not just fill space with hot air and false promises. I will tackle this issue and strengthen my soul and spirit with resolution provided by God's grace and I will do it! I will walk the walk and reap of benefits that consistency brings.