Wednesday, August 3, 2011

find inspiration...

find inspiration. It's all around us. Every day, if we look around, we can find inspiration. Many days though we just forget to look.

So what inspires you? Uplifting music, a beautiful sunrise, the smile of your baby's face, that 100 year old tree you pass on the way to work, all of these things. Wherever you draw inspiration from dive in today. Alert your senses and take in all the wonderful, beautiful, amazing sources of inspiration that surround you each and every day. Of all the glories that are in my life, one of the best sources of inspiration I have ever found sits quietly on my nightstand just waiting for my to pick it up - my Bible. With the turn of a few pages, I can always find whatever it is I need in this one wonderful book. Comfort, compassion, encouragement, love, joy - INSPIRATION!! All of my blessings inspire me. Count your blessings and be inspired.

So, for today I will find inspiration. I will see the delights that God has created and find the beauty, hope, and inspiration He intends just for me. And when I'm recognizing all these wonders, I will also realize that the most inspiring part of my life is the love God has for me.