Tuesday, August 9, 2011

be encouraging...

be encouraging. This is easy to do when you can stop judging and start supporting.

To be encouraging means that you actually have to put your opinions aside. It's a simple change of heart, change of mindset and change of wording. Don't tear down, don't critique, don't moralize and offer you expert advise. Use only positive phrases - no negatives today. Simply say, "If this is something you believe in and it's important to you, I will do my best to be there in any way I can to support you." Then mean it and shut up! Don't qualify your support. Don't add conditions to your encouragement. Just be supportive in word and deed today. You can do that for one day can't you? We all face negativity in endless amounts throughout our lives. Why can't we just give each other some slack today and be encouraging. Build up instead of tearing down.

So, for today I will be encouraging. I will offer support and love not opinions and suggestions. I will leave my attitude to the side and I will be gracious, supportive and kind.