Thursday, August 11, 2011

take the bad with the good...

take the bad with the good.

There's an ever growing trend in our society - that everything is disposable. When the going gets tough, the tough get going...right out the door. When things start to get difficult people are running away and there is a lack of real commitment. Marriages and children are getting tossed aside. My heart aches for the lives torn apart because of the absence of faith, hope, love and commitment. Our society is forgetting the value of hard work, especially when that work needs to happen right in your own home, with your own family. So for today I just wanted to remind us all of the promises we've made. Promises founded in love and hope and faith. We chose our relationships and we made promises to love, honor, and protect. So before we decide that our partnership or parenting is disposable, we need to think again. Look to God for strength, resolve and answers. Society and its' twisted morals don't have the answers, but God does. Trust Him and He will fulfill His promises so that you can fulfill yours.

So, for today I will take the bad with the good. Instead of running away, proclaiming life is unfair, or out of exhaustion just giving up - I will turn it over to God. I will allow His promises to strength my promises to others.