Wednesday, August 24, 2011

be content...

be content. The bible says that God wants us to be content in whatever stage of our life we are in. That can be a tough one. Be content in "all" stages? Can't I just pick and chose when things are good enough to be content. Well the answer is NO.

Being content is actually easier than we realize if we just focus on the right things instead of the wrong things. Being content doesn't mean you are super happy with every aspect of your life. But it does mean that you feel joy for the blessings great and small. So, for today be content by focusing on three things that you are thrilled that you do not have to be without today. Maybe it will be your spouse, your job, and the fact that you have food on the table. Maybe you will be content because you have shelter, good health, and a kind friend. Maybe you will be content because you are loved, you are valued and you are irreplaceable in God's eyes.

So, for today I will be content. I will focus on the things that God has blessed me with and my heart will find joy in those blessings. For today I will be content and at peace.