Tuesday, September 6, 2011


trust. Have you ever worried and stressed yourself out over a situation only for it to resolve itself and everything worked out o.k.? I know I have!

Worrying doesn't work. Trusting God does. Put your faith into His actions and power! Even if you hate to admit it, you know you're not in charge. You can't control the future. And you're wasting your time worrying about a past that's gone or a future that's not here yet. God knows what you need. He knows what you're going through. And He will work it out. It may not be worked out the way you envisioned it - but that's where your trust must come into play. The best reason not to worry is because God said so. He told us "Do Not Worry." So trust instead.

So, for today I will trust. I will trust that He loves me, is with me, and is actually working things out for me. That's what He promised - so I either believe it or I don't. What do you believe?