Wednesday, August 24, 2011

turn the cell phone off...

turn the cell phone off when I get home from work. I will instead actively and attentively participate in the life going on inside my home. I will not half listen to my children while I text a friend. I will not listen to my husband's description of his day while checking my facebook updates. If I live alone, I will use the quiet time for peace and relaxation instead of worrying that I'm missing something "big".

Life speeds by. We are, more often than not, giving our partial attention to every detail of our life because we're so focused on what needs to be done next. Our parents and our grandparents seemed to have worked hard, provided for their families, and kept in touch with friends and loved ones without cell phones or the Internet. Why then can't we recapture a few hours to live life instead of going through the motions. Smell the about even noticing that you have planted roses!

So, for today I will turn off the cell phone (and computer) and I will pay attention - full attention - to the people around me or have quiet reflection to give peace to my heart, soul and mind. I will feel privileged to have those moments of engagement without distraction and I will know that I am blessed.