Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pray for marriages...

pray for marriages. We all know someone struggling in their marriage. Maybe you are struggling in your own. Today, let's pray for marriages and the blessing they are intended to be.

The partnership, affection, passion, and resolve of a marriage is a blessing and a huge responsibility and a lot of work sometimes. It requires us to put the other person first, pray more for them than we do for ourselves, and to love them with all your heart not as a separate person but as one with you. It requires us to see and believe God working through that person. It requires having more faith in God than you do in that person because your spouse is flawed and will let you down, but God won't. Honor the blessing and pray.

So, for today I will pray for marriages. I will pray that we all begin to see our spouse through God's eyes instead of our own. That we love with God's heart instead of our own. That we are stronger, more passionate, more caring, more loving, more forgiving, more cooperative, more flexible, more understanding, more kind, more respectful, and more Godly than we have ever been before.