Friday, August 5, 2011

exercise moderation...

exercise moderation. It's Friday. It's the weekend. Time for relaxing, hanging out, to cut loose from daily stress, and many many opportunities to go too far and get into trouble.

God wants us all to have fun. He wants us to have all good things. But He also expects us to be responsible and exercise moderation. If we're honest, we can all have a good time without going too far. If you think that you can't have fun unless your totally obnoxious, loud, drunk and over-the-top, then maybe there's something wrong with your definition of a good time. Maybe it isn't fun that you need. Maybe there's something you are trying to avoid. Or you're trying to fill a void in your life. Instead of getting out of control, try to approach those feelings from a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is having a real conversation with a trusted friend/loved one/pastor to break through the issues and start the progress. God loves you and can fill any gap, any void, any hurt. If you really want to have fun - turn to God.

So, for today I will exercise moderation. I will not use the excuse of "having fun" to validate my indiscreet and irresponsible behavior. I will be surprised that moderation doesn't ruin my fun, but enhances it. I will be thankful that moderation protects me and others from harm. I will have a good time. I will have fun and I will exercise moderation and give thanks that I live to see another day!