Thursday, August 25, 2011

accept the limitations of others...

accept the limitations of others. I know I'm far from perfect, but yet sometimes I want those around me to live up to my idea of who they should be at all times instead of who they are at a given moment.

I don't hold myself to that same standard of ideal, but I somehow expect my family and friends to be unblemished. That's not a very fair attitude is it? Knowing my own imperfections and acknowledging that I'm trying and doing the best I can helps me to remember that those around me are probably doing the same thing. We all have limitations and I think it's better to understand those limits and try to work within them and around them instead of holding an unrealistic expected standard. They will make mistakes or fall short of ideal, just like me. So instead of viewing them negatively, I have decided to work harder at accepting those limitations with compassion and understanding and a little grace. I think if I do that we will all be much more content and at peace.

So, for today I will accept the limitations of others. I will see them with eyes of grace just as I hope they will view me. I will pray that we can find ways to encourage and help each other that are constructive and positive. I will try harder and remember that those around me are doing they best they can.