Wednesday, August 17, 2011

talk to God...

talk to God. Just talk to Him.

Chats with God can be some of the best conversations you will ever have. I'm asking you to speak to Him, out loud and as your best friend. For example, "ok God, I cannot believe what happened to me today and I need your help..." Find a place where you feel comfortable to be open with Him and just start talking. We do so much of our connecting with God in silence that you will be amazed how much flows out of you when you actually speak out loud to Him. As you talk, you'll find that you have much more on your mind than you realized, but also that He'll work with you and in you and you'll start talking yourself through. He will provide you with the insight, comfort, hope, security or love that you're seeking.

So, for today I will talk to God. I will use my voice and not my thoughts to communicate with God. I will connect with Him and make it real.