Thursday, August 4, 2011

let God love me...

let God love me. We all have faults, we are imperfect and sometimes downright terrible. But no matter what God loves us. Many times we try to block that love or we are so discouraged and broken that we don't feel it. But, His love is so amazing. He loves without boundaries at all times. Today, let him love you.

Let Him sing to your soul:

Ever since the world around you shattered, you've been looking everywhere for something more. Sometimes you feel like your life doesn't matter, but it does. I tell you it does.

Yesterday you found your heart was broken. Tomorrow doesn't leave much room for hope.
Today you'll find that my arms are wide open and my heart is full of love.

Give up on all the other things because my love can bring you more, and if you take a chance on me I'll give you what you're looking for.

Come on, let me love you and hold you through the storms.
I will keep you safe and warm.
Come on, let me love you and kiss away your tears.
I will always be here.
Come on, let me love you.
(by Third Day - "Let me love you")

So, for today I will let God love me. I will let God love me.