Tuesday, July 5, 2011

get back up...

get back up. We all have flaws, we all have struggles, we all stumble, and we all get knocked down sometimes. The trick is to get back up!

Jesus knows your failings. He knows your hardship. They are not a surprise to Him. But He doesn't want you to lose heart or faith. Let your faith strengthen you to get back up after you've been knocked down. God is working in ways we do not have the ability to understand. You may get knocked down, but He will keep you from being knocked out - so don't give up, get up instead! If things aren't going right in your life - keep trying, make some changes, accept the things you cannot control and control the things you can (your attitude and your actions). God will dust you off, strengthen you, and ready you for the next battle - but He helps those who help themselves, so you have to get back up first.

So, for today I will get back up. I may be weak and unsure, but I will believe that for today God is with me. That He will protect me when I get back up. I will put my faith and trust in Him and not my own motivation or strength. I will get back up and let God do His work in and through me.