Friday, July 15, 2011

be blessed...

be blessed. One of my favorite songs is "Be blessed" by Yolanda Adams. The song reminds us of the hope in prayers and the blessings from God.

So, for today I pray that you will be blessed..

"Don't let your tomorrow be like yesterday.
I spoke to God, I called out your name,
and on your behalf I just asked if He would be there for you.
I want you to be blessed, don't live life in distress.
Just let go, let God, He'll work it out for you.
I pray that your soul will be blessed, forever in His rest,
because you deserve His best, no less.
Be blessed from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head.
Your life be blessed. Your family be blessed. Your finances be blessed.
Everything about you - be blessed.
Give it to Jesus.
Let go, let God do a work in you and be blessed."

Now pray for blessings on someone else and pass His love along.