Monday, July 11, 2011

change my path...

change my path. We can all complain about being stuck in a rut. Or about wishing something about ourselves was different. But with all this complaining and wishing, we are also full of excuses.

I've tried everything I can think of. Does that sound familiar? What that usually means you've tried everything you're willing to do - right? You haven't really done everything possibly imaginable under the sun have you? You've done the two or three things you are comfortable with trying and when they didn't work, you've said, "well I've done all I can." How about asking and trusting God to show you new ways - ways you're not comfortable with - ways you wouldn't have thought of - And when He shows you these new paths - take them!

So, for today I will change my path. I will stop whining, complaining and wishing. Instead I will trust and leap out of my comfort zone to the path that God is showing me. That path will actually accomplish my goal and will actually make me happier - why have I waited so long?