Wednesday, July 27, 2011

see in color...

see in color. Life is not bland or boring and it's not intended to be lived in black and white. Life is full color, eye-popping, extravagant beauty. So drink it in.

Today take notice - I mean really take notice of the dazzling artistic display of life around you. Don't just drudge through the motions and confine yourself to a sensory deprived existence because you're too busy to "see." Wake up, open your eyes, and experience the vibrant colors in your life. Be grateful that you have the physical senses to absorb the array of beauty around you - you can see it, smell it, hear it, touch it. What a blessing that is. We don't experience life in shades of gray, we have a full rainbow surrounding us so enjoy.

So, for today I will see in color. I will allow the glorious elements around me to enter my heart through my senses and I will be thankful that life is not drab and dull and limited only to black and white. I will embrace the colors in my life today!