Friday, July 8, 2011

be patient...

be patient. I am not a patient person. I've gotten used to having a million things to do and a very little time within which to do them. So guess what, I get jittery, stressed and do not practice patience very well.

Today is a day where patience will reign. I will breathe, I will slow down, I will accept that some things have their own pace and it doesn't always match mine. I will not explode, I will not get irritated, I will kick back and let the stress go and let the patience flow. I'm not a very lovable person when I'm impatient - in fact, I don't even like myself when I act that way. I think challenging myself to be patient today will be a good thing for me and those around me. How about you?

So, for today I will be patient. No matter what, I will keep my cool and be better off for it.