Friday, July 29, 2011

be still and wait...

be still and wait. For today, I will be still and wait on the Lord.

God's thoughts and action are so far above our heads that we can't possibly ever "get it all." How can we possible predict, follow or understand His unique and tactical plan for each one of us? We have foundational truths that He has given us, we get signs, and we feel His presence. Usually in hindsight we can see His movement throughout our circumstances and realize that He was there all along guiding and directing our path - but when we're at the beginning or in the middle of a situation we have a hard time "waiting" on Him. Instead of being impatient today, instead of fighting the fact that I don't have all my answers right this moment, I will be still and wait. I will enjoy the blessings I have, be thankful for the strength He lends me to get through the hard times, and I will pray and confidently wait on the Lord to reveal my next step.

So, for today I will be still and wait. I will trust that God knows more than I do and that He's got things under control.