Thursday, July 7, 2011

be amazed...

be amazed. Be amazed at how much Jesus loves me and be amazed at what He was willing to endure just for me.

Many times you hear a parent saying, "I would die for my kids." The love and protectiveness of a parent can be an awesome force. You'd jump in front of a bullet for them. Would you do the same for a friend? How about someone you don't even like? Would you submit to torture, humiliation, excruciating and prolonged pain for the guy down the street who doesn't even know your name? Would you silently suffer through imprisonment, beatings, whippings and hatred for the sake of a stranger? If push came to shove I think we can all admit that we might lay down our lives for someone we deeply love, but not necessarily for anyone else. That simple fact reinforces the amazement we should have about the depth and power and sacrifice of Christ's love for all of us - whether we love Him back or not.

So for today I will be amazed. Amazed by the overwhelming gracious love that He pours out on anyone and everyone. It's so far beyond my abilities that I can only be awestruck in wonder of His amazing generosity - and be eternally grateful that His love isn't as limited as mine.