Thursday, July 14, 2011

get over it...

get over it. G.O.I.

A friend said this once and I thought it was awesome. Stop holding on. Stop torturing yourself. Just do it. Get over it and move on. Unless you want your past to determine your future, get over it. Whatever it is, you have a choice - stay stuck or get on with your life. I look forward to the future. I always marvel at the way life bobs and weaves. Whether it's highs or lows that I hit, God gets me through it. So why is it that even when God has brought us to a new life, a new situation, a new hope - we use all our might and strength to destroy it by holding on to the past. It's like we sabotage all His love and kindness and blessings because we don't let go. Stop doing that. Get over it!

So, for today I will get over it. I'm in control of this decision. No one else has that power over me. I can make a choice and I choose the future instead of the past. Been there, done that, over it, moving on.