Monday, February 28, 2011

will not forget God...

not forget God.

Do you sometimes feel like you're an amazing (but failing) acrobat or juggler? You're trying to maneuver your life into so many directions or keep a ton of things up in the air (praying that you don't drop any of them)? I feel that way sometimes. That's when I know that I've taken on too much and I've deluded myself into thinking I'm in charge of everything. I've forgotten to stay focused on God and allow His power and grace to steer my life. If you're juggling and hustling today - stop. Remember the power that's with you, God, and let Him take over. No one is more capable or caring. If you remember Him, He will be there for you.

So, for today I will not forget God. He will keep me balanced and intervene where needed so my life doesn't come crashing down around me. I can't juggle all these things alone. I need His hands to take control.