Friday, February 18, 2011

reflect then decide...

reflect then decide. We live in a "quick" world. Everything seems to require immediate action and reaction - but not today.

We all have something big we are facing. For each of us it may be a different issue, but a decision is needed. Your decision may alter your day or alter your life, so instead of wanting instant gratification and resolution, for today we should all reflect thoughtfully on what we are facing. Actually weigh the pros and cons. Calmly, patiently and morally examine your choices and decision possibilities and then determine your course. Put the anxiety of rushing to the side, don't make your choices in the heat of anger or despair - take your time, be thoughtful, prayerful - the world will actually wait. We are all capable of making horrible decisions when emotion, drama or desperation raise their ugly heads.

So, for today I will reflect and then decide - and my choice will be the better because of this.