Monday, February 7, 2011

hug more people...

hug more people. What happened to hugs? Think back. When you were a child didn't you love when someone would give you a big bear hug when they saw you? Or when someone would scoop you up into their arms and hug you after you got hurt? Or even now as adults, the way we can't keep from hugging and kissing little babies whenever we see them. I love hugs.

The hand shake, the fist bump and high-five are all fine, but nothing replaces the genuine affection of a good tight hug. So, stopping slapping hands and start hugging! Stop being too cool or too refined or too professional to hold back. Hug, hug, hug. Show someone genuine caring or concern today. A hug can convey tons of different emotions, so reveal your emotions today instead of repressing them into the condensed version of a hand shake or high-five. Wrap your arms around someone - let them feel your love, protection, safety, confidence, understanding, thoughtfulness or celebration.

So, for today I will hug more people. I will share my emotions with a big, real, strong hug! I will be the arms of Christ and I will wrap that person in affection and comfort. And when I hug that person I will pray that they feel God hugging them too.