Tuesday, February 8, 2011

praise God during a chore...

praise God during a chore. This sounds strange, but it's a great way to change perspective and attack the task at hand.

You can praise and worship God in every little thing you do. You just have to approach what you're doing from the mind and heart of doing it for Jesus. Actually say to yourself as you start cleaning the house, "God I'm doing this for you. As a thank you for blessing me with a house, instead of getting upset that I have to clean, I will be thankful and grateful that I have a place to keep clean." You can apply this to anything. I found it most effective to apply it to the things I really dislike. Instead of being resentful of them, now I'm mindful of wanting to thank God and praise Him during my daily routine. I actually get through the task in a much better mood, I do a better job, and I'm praising God all at the same time. It's a definite win-win situation. It's not an easy thing to remember every day, but start today by picking one thing. Then keep practicing it whenever you can.

So, for today I will praise God during a chore. I will put my heart and mind in the right place before I even start. This chore is not a burden but an opportunity. I will be glad that I have the ability to perform the task and will thank God for the blessings that are in/surrounded by it.