Thursday, March 3, 2011

be responsible...

be responsible. To some being responsible is a blessing and a source of pride. To others, they see responsibility as ruining their fun because it brings an expectation level that they don't want.

So what do you do? Go through life not caring about the consequences to your actions? Let's see how fulfilling and wonderful your life would be...I don't like responsibility so I can cheat on my spouse (I didn't really mean those vows - oh yeah maybe my spouse didn't mean it either); when I cheat I don't have to tell my spouse because spreading disease doesn't matter unless I actually care about that person (but what if they've given a disease to me and not told me); I won't give my children any discipline or structure because teaching them is a hassle and I'd rather be cool than enforce rules (and why would I want my kids to think I love them and want to protect them); I will drink way too much and then drive my car (because killing someone else isn't any big deal); I don't have to show up to work because I don't care if anyone is relying on me (and there's just so many other opportunities in this economy right?); I can lie to my friends and family about anything because I'd rather manipulate to get my way all the time (you know honesty is part of that whole crazy responsibility notion) - how is this list looking to you so far? Is this is the kind of imprint you want to make on your family during your time on this earth? Or would you rather have a blessed life that is actually more simple and fulfilling - be responsible.

So, for today I will be responsible. I will consider the ramifications of my actions, I will think about the consequences to others, I will strive to make good sound solid decisions, I will pray for guidance and I will be proud of wanting to be responsible.