Tuesday, January 25, 2011

know that failures come...

know that failures come. As hard as we try to work and make our lives better, to do our best and move onward and upward, failure will come.

Failures don't have to define you and they don't have to mean that you're stuck in that one spot.
It's how you handle the failure that will determine the course of your journey. My husband always tells our daughters, "practice makes perfect." (Then, we, of course, also explain that no one is perfect.) But the point is that we want to teach them to go for it, do your best, and don't be discouraged if you have to keep trying - because you will fail sometimes. Resilience is one of my favorite characteristics. People who pick themselves up no matter what they have been through amaze and encourage me. When you see someone fail, but then immediately get up, move on and actually have hope and determination to move forward - they really understand, accept and acknowledge the value of failures. They don't wallow. They try to learn. And, they don't let failure define who they are. They know failure is an integral part of life and they make the best of it.

So, for today I will know that failures come. I will not try to hide from failing. I will not stay down when I fail. I will accept that failure can teach me, help me grow, and help shape my life for the better.