Thursday, January 13, 2011


imagine. Today I will imagine my eternal salvation. I will delight in the awe and wonder of my Lord's saving grace and eternal dwelling place.

We only receive glimpses and a few highlights from the Bible regarding Heaven. It is so indescribable and overwhelming beautiful that it is hard for us as humans to comprehend all its splendor, but we can imagine. Think about it what your first reaction will be when you are face to face with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... will you dance before the Lord, be in awe and be still, will you stand in His presence or fall to your knees, will you sing Hallelujah or be unable to speak, will you smile or will you weep tears of joy.... I don't know what I will do, but I like to imagine what it will be like to feel that much love, understanding, comfort, peace and joy!!

So, for today I will imagine. I will play out different scenarios in my head and heart and think about the awesome power and presence of Jesus that I will one day experience face to face. And while I imagine my face to face encounter and I will thank God that He blesses me and is there for me even when I'm not face to face with Him.