Wednesday, January 26, 2011

realize that God is the answer...

realize that God is the answer. The answers to your issues, problems or difficulties won't come to you if you're not looking in the right place.

You feel like you have a gap in your life. You might be struggling with being alone, or being confident, or feeling important. We all go through it and we all "try" to fix it. We fill our lives with all kinds of things or people that we think will give us what we're missing. If I'm thinner my life will be better. If I'm richer my life will be better. If I'm in a relationship my life will be better. But the truth is - skinny people and rich people have problems. And don't get me started on all the problems relationships can have - especially ones not founded on the right things. The answer isn't in a bottle or in a person, it is in trusting God and believing that His plans for you are meaningful and significant. He has a unique and specific purpose for your life and just maybe you're not seeing what it is because you're trying to fix what you think He missed.

So, for today I will realize that God is the answer. Instead of thinking He made a mistake or that He forgot a few things that would make my life "better," I will actually trust His judgement and know that His plans for me are important because I'm important. I won't try to "fix" His plans today. I will trust and believe in Him instead.