Thursday, January 27, 2011

be glad that others pray for me...

be glad that others pray for me. Have you thought about what your life would be like if others weren't praying for you?

We usually focus a lot on praying for the people we know. We ask God to help, protect, and comfort them and we delight in how He works in their lives. But do we stop to recognize that many of the blessings we ourselves have received come from the prayers of others. God listens to their prayers and blesses us. So the next time you make it through a difficult struggle or when things are going really well in your life, be thankful that others have been praying for you. They love you enough to go straight to the most powerful source and request blessings on your behalf - what a wonderful gift.

So, for today I will be glad that others pray for me. I will rejoice in the fact that God listens to those prayers and blesses me because others love me enough to speak to Him.