Tuesday, January 18, 2011

leave work at work...

leave work at work. Can you do that?

You have a life beyond your work. You have people who love you, care about you, want to spend time with you and laugh with you. But they don't want to deliver the punch line while you're texting to your company. They want to share a meal with you without your cell phone ringing with a question from a co-worker. Life is going to move on whether you're "present" or not. Just for today, don't let it pass you by while you're on your blackberry/iphone. It will be a hard day for some of you, but I promise - those emails, texts, and voice messages will all still be there tomorrow. And guess what, the world will not explode because you chose life over work for a few precious hours.

So, for today I will leave work at work. I will take advantage of the gift of time in the evening to cherish my family and friends, to share stories and laugh, to reconnect with someone special, or to just take the quiet time and be at peace. I will not obsess tonight. I will enjoy "life" and live!