Friday, January 14, 2011

make a list...

make a list. I will focus on making a list of the top 10 blessings I have received in my life. Instead of dwelling on negative pressures, I will delight in thinking back over my life on moments that impacted my development, made me smile, or made me feel loved.

For today I will make a list and not be surprised to find that it's impossible to only list 10 items. Over a lifetime it's amazing how many treasured moments we experience that most don't count as important blessings - a friend coming over to hang out when you needed it, a walk at the beach, a giggle from a small child when you make a silly face, a hug from your parents that made you feel safe and loved, watching your child hit the ball during the game (even though it was a foul ball and they ended up striking out). The list for each of us is varied and deep. Reflecting on these moments has real value in determining how you will feel today.

So, for today I will make a list and thank God for every single item on it. And, if I run out of paper, I will thank God again for his abundance of grace and that I have a memory that can record more than my paper will allow.