Monday, September 26, 2011

check the company I keep...

check the company I keep. Have you ever heard the saying, "a body in motion, stays in motion - a body at rest, stays at rest." The same theory applies to the company we keep.

If your body of friends and family are faithful, motivated and focused Christians; that will help you stay in motion. You will be a more active participant in your relationship with Christ and in your community of faith. Fellowship with like minded (and hearted) individuals is what God intended in creating the church - the body of Christ. So, is your body in motion? Or are you and the company you keep at rest? Are there influences of what the world thinks instead of what He thinks? Is it about the easy road? Or is there just no motivatation to try harder? It's not about being a "bad" person. We all have differnt levels of effort we exude at different times, the key is to recognize it, own it, not make excuses and do better. Determine if you and your company are truly interested in growing? Status quo and being comfortable that you're "enough of a christian" isn't really the attitude God hopes for. What if he felt it was "good enough" to come to earth, but not to die for our sins... We should all, even if it's in small ways, try to keep changing and growing and following.

So, for today I will check the company I keep and check my own motivations. I will recognize that blessings abound beyond my imagination when I stay in motion and keep moving forward in my faith.