Thursday, September 8, 2011

cherish loved ones more...

cherish loved ones more. Do you recognize how blessed you are to have people who love you in your life? God has surrounded you with a family of love - starting with His son Jesus.

Through the life and death of Jesus Christ we can learn how to love and be loved.
God provides us with unending opportunities for love. The chances are out there every day, so take advantage of them. For today cherish all your loved ones more. Tell them you love them, show them you love them. Give your love away as if this was your last day on earth. Hug them, kiss them, let them know how important they have been in your life and how blessed you are to love them.

For today, cherish loved ones the way that Jesus loves you. We are precious in His eyes and He made the ultimate sacrifice for us out of love. Today we can pass that love to all the people we are blessed with.