Thursday, September 29, 2011


stop. I will stop, for at least this one day, one bad habit.

I will stop losing my temper and start exercising patience. I will stop gossiping and start encouraging. I will stop demeaning and start praising. I will stop ignoring and start paying attention. I will stop controlling and start being more flexible. I will stop yelling and start speaking calmly. I will stop being a doormat and start standing up for myself. I will stop my "pity party" and start recognizing my blessings. I will stop procrastinating and start doing. I will stop letting my past hold me back and I will start a new journey. I will stop discounting God's power and affection and I will start acknowledging and thanking Him.

So, for today I will stop. Whatever it is that needs to end will stop today so that I can start a better life.