Tuesday, October 26, 2010

teach my children about the real world...

teach my children about the real world. Today I will stop coddling my child. I will stop being so overprotective that I rob my child of any survival skills. I will stop pretending that the world is fair.

Maybe it's not politically correct but it is true...some people win and some people lose, not everyone is nice, you actually have to work for what you want, there's no such thing as a free ride, Mommy & Daddy won't always be there to take care of everything for you, money doesn't grow on trees, you have to take responsibility for your actions, you need to respect yourself and draw a line in the sand, just because the "in" crowd is doing that doesn't mean you should, some people will take advantage of you, not everyone tells the truth, and yes some people are just plain mean. I could go on and on. Our society is creating a false world for our children. They aren't learning sportsmanship; they aren't learning the value of a dollar; they aren't learning self-respect, modesty or values; they aren't learning negotiation and compromise; they aren't learning restraint; they aren't learning to make wise choices - they aren't learning. And whose fault is that? Don't blame television, music or movies. Don't blame the teachers or the coaches. The blame lies where the blame belongs - on us parents. We need to teach our children the realities of the world. It doesn't have to be harsh 100% doom-n-gloom, but they do need to understand reality, their role in life and the responsibility and consequences of their actions. You want them to be prepared, strong, quick thinking, responsible, thoughtful, talented achievers who go far in life. So give them the survival skills they need to make wise choices, to respect themselves and others, to know boundaries, and to know and trust God. Do your job. Teach your children. Teach them everything. Arm them with the weapon of knowledge. Temper the realities of this world with the hope and joy of Jesus. If you give them a true sense of balance between the two, they will do alright.

So, for today I will teach my children about the real world. I am not doing right by them to give them a false sense of reality. It is my job to provide survival skills and teach them. I want them strong and ready for life, so I will trust them to absorb the truth and learn from it. And I will pray continually for their strength, confidence and choices.