Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ask God to carry me...

ask God to carry me. Most of the good relationships in your life are partnerships. You've worked out an explicit or implicit set of expectations and boundaries with the other person. It's a give-and-take kind of thing that works out well. You do your part, they do theirs - everyone is happy.

God is the only partner I know who definitely allows me a different interpretation. He "takes" everything I can throw at Him and "gives" me everything I need. Supportive, patient, and forgiving don't even seem like big enough words to describe how good He is to me. The one thing though that I count on the most is His ability to carry me when I can't go on. He's with me side by side everyday helping me through my challenges and obstacles, but some days even with that I still can feel lost or unsure. On those days, I ask Him to carry me. I don't just lay my burdens at His feet, I actually have Him hoist me up into His arms and carry me through. I need Him to think for me, walk for me, choose the path for me. I need to be lifted up into the arms of my Father. To be cared for and protected by Him like a scared little child. On those days, I'm so grateful that our relationship isn't defined in the usual manner. Some days we all feel like babes in the woods. All of a sudden we are lost and we have no clue what to do, where to go, whom to trust. Just like little children, we need our Daddy. We need the strength and comfort that only He can provide when He picks us up and carries us and says, "It's o.k. Everything will be alright."

So, for today I will ask God to carry me. I need sometimes to breakdown knowing that I can't do it on my own. I need Him to not only help me, I need Him to carry me. I need the freedom from figuring out what to do. I need His thoughts, His plans, His steps. I need the peace and security that only He can provide. I need my Father to carry me and tell me there is a plan and things will be o.k.