Monday, October 25, 2010

accept criticism...

accept criticism (constructive criticism). This one is tough for me!! I know that I'm not perfect. But, I think I do most things well so when someone points out "a better way to do that" let's just say I'm not the most patient or accepting person.

But I'm wrong when I act that way. Constructive criticism usually comes from a good place. That other person is offering a tip that they think might help. They want to help me. Why should I get upset by that? I always want God to help me. Maybe He's sending those people into my life to help, so why is it hard to listen? They aren't calling me a failure by offering a suggestion. They are helping, but in my defensiveness I take it as an intrusion, a nuisance, and a negative. My whole ego gets wounded. That's the heart of the matter - egos! We want to feel confident, accomplished, perhaps even superior. We are certain that our way is correct and wonderful and exemplary. But you know what? I have a lot of friends and family who do things totally different from me and they are awesome, talented, outstanding people. So I think it's time to push the ego aside and be glad that there is variety in the world. It's time to open up my eyes and my mind to the many possibilities for handling any given situation. I may not change my preferences, but I don't have to be defensive and I can accept the gracious help that someone is offering to me. If I listen and accept the constructive criticism I might actually learn something new!

So, for today I will accept constructive criticism. The Ego flare up will be left out and I will listen and try to learn and be grateful that someone cared enough to want to help me.